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Image by Annie Spratt
  • Do you only serve Maryland clients?
    We serve nationwide! You can simply ship your florals to us and we will create a beautiful piece of art for your home! We have a shipping guide that we send with all the information you need to get us your flowers quickly and safely. Shipping to us is buyers responsibility. However, we include shipping back to you for free. We have a few ways to save on your shipping costs.
  • Do my flowers need to be fresh?
    Yes! They more fresh and hydrated they are, the better results we will have! You should deliver your flowers to us within 3 days of the event. After your event you will want to keep the stems trimmed and in fresh water. Keep flowers in a cool dark place. Do not spray or water the petals. Pro tip: assign a friend or family member to care for your flowers the day of the event to keep them in good shape. Its also best to avoid the bouquet toss as this will damage and bruise the petals!
  • How long does the process take?
    Floral preservation is a slow art. Each flower and botanical press differently and require various techniques. The moisture is slowly removed and pressed from the flower, which can take up to 6 weeks or more! From rom receiving your flowers to your final piece being shipped back to you is around 12 weeks. This can vary during busy season but we aim to stick within these timelines!
  • How do I know what size frame would be good for my bouquet?
  • Do you require a deposit to book my date?
    Yes, we do. In order to hold your space in one of our limited handmade presses we do require half the amount as a deposit. Payment will be in two installments, half at booking and the remaining half one week after we receive your flowers in good condition. We find this helps make it more financially feasible for our clients as we know there are so many expenses when it comes to wedding planning!
  • Will my pressed flower frame look exactly like my bouquet?
    Almost all flowers and greenery will dry and press somewhat different than when fresh. Typically bright colors will be preserved and maintain their vibrance while whites and lighter flowers may turn more creamy white or vintage in color! This is all part of a beautiful transformation.
  • Do you accept all white bouquets?
    Yes and no, we will accept all white bouquets if there are a variety of different types of white A flowers and lots of greenery! All white can be very tricky to press as whites tend to show bruising easily. designing becomes more difficult too since there isn't as much variety.
  • What is the difference between pressed and dried?
    The pressed method slowly flattens and removes all the moisture and will be displayed in a traditional or float glass frame. Dried flowers maintain their 3 dimensional shape and are dried using natural or chemical processes. Dried flowers tend to hold their color better, especially all whites flowers. Dried will be displayed in a deeper shadow box frame.
  • Do all flowers press well?
    Unfortunately no, not every flower will be suited for pressed preservation! Very dense flowers or flowers with thick centers do not always press well. Some can be disassembled and then reassembled. Always feel free to reach out if you are unsure. We are happy to answer any questions! A few flowers we love to press: Roses Ranunculus Delphinium Tulips Eucalyptus Dahlias ( some like ball dahlias can be tricky) Peonies Wildflowers Flowers we don't recommend: Orchids Lilies Mums Tropicals Ball Dahlias
  • Will my flowers stay the same color over time?
    Some flowers will maintain their color better than others. All natural materials will fade some over time. As with everything in life, things will age and change subtly over time but we find this to still be a beautiful part of the process. We do offer a UV protected glass on our framed pieces. This offers protection from 99% of UV rays. We also offer color correction for white flowers as this helps maintain their color much longer! Vibrant colored flowers typically will hold their color or deepen in color when pressed.
  • If I send a glass vase or ribbons etc.. with my flowers will they be returned?
    No, we will not ship back any glass vases, pendants, charms, or other items that may be used to hold/decorate your flower stems. Make sure to remove these from your bouquet prior to shipping or dropping off locally!
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